Construction Materials Testing

Whether your project involves clear or complex plans, simple or precise specifications, we provide cost effective recommendations and solutions, concise test results and prompt observations and reporting during every phase.

Our team of experts delivers valuable analysis, reporting and delivery systems which directly reflect your needs, requirements schedule and budget.  Offering a full range of materials engineering and testing, Drash conducts specialized laboratory and field testing to provide expert guidance and inspections on all phases of your project.  Our team of engineers and specialists provide comprehensive services for materials testing, laboratory testing, on-site inspections and monitoring.  Our experience in material engineering and technology provide services by a team of geotechnical engineers; geologists; materials and pavement specialists; and laboratory and field technicians during every phase of your project.  Our team of engineers and technicians provide the hands-on quality assurance and control that is necessary to meet specifications, schedule, and budgets.

Materials Engineering and Testing

Soils and Foundations

  • Fill Compaction Testing
  • Subgrade Stabilization for Lime, Cement, Fly Ash, and Geotextiles and Geogrids
  • Bearing Strata Evaluation for Footings
  • Deep Foundation Installation for Drilled and Driven Piles, and Drilled Piers
  • Material Selection and Compliance
  • Landfill Soil Liner Evaluations and Testing


  • Mix Designs and Trial Batches
  • Batch Plant and Placement Evaluations
  • Cylinder and Beam Testing
  • Nondestructive Examination
  • Physical Property Testing
  • Field Sampling and Testing/Core Sampling


  • Mortar and Grout Mix Design
  • Block Prism and Block Shrinkage Tests
  • Grout Specimen Testing


  • Mix Designs and Verification
  • Percent Asphalt Determination
  • Density Determination for In-Place Nuclear Density and Core Density
  • Extraction and Gradation
  • Marshall and Hveem Test Properties
  • Batch Plant Evaluations
  • Placement Monitoring

Structural Steel

  • Shop Fabrication Monitoring and Testing
  • Erection Observation and Testing
  • Bolt Tension Testing
  • Nondestructive Examination for Dye Penetrant, Ultrasonic, Mag Particle, Radiography, and Visual


  • Specification Preparation/Review
  • QA/QA Plans/Programs
  • Special Inspections
  • Evaluation/Assessment/Investigation of In-Place Materials
  • Material Selection
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Load Tests