Our mission is to develop quality, cost effective services and solutions by promoting our staff to be innovative, yet practical, in their thinking and approach, not only as it relates to our services, but the overall project and its successful completion.

We are licensed by the State of Texas to practice engineering (License No. F-12622) and geosciences (License No. 50456). Our laboratory is accredited by AASHTO and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Drash has a long history in Texas and the surrounding areas and with our own personnel and resources, can provide these services for projects adhering to required state and/or federal regulations. Our services are designed to answer the difficult questions. For each project, we balance the project scope and project recommendations with our client’s best interest in mind. These services may be precipitated by federal, state or local regulatory agencies, or by the client’s concern of limited or potential future liabilities. We see our role not as just engineers, scientists and technicians, but as our client’s business partner. As a partner, we take a realistic approach emphasizing strategic management of our client’s activities with sensitivity toward the bottom line.

In May, 2016, Drash became of wholly owned subsidiary of TTL, Inc. TTL is a 50+ year old Alabama based corporation and a leading provider of engineering services in the southeastern United States. Like Drash, TTL specializes in geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting and construction materials testing and related services. Both firms strongly complement each other’s core services, and the merger will broaden and strengthen the geographical presence and enhance the design capabilities of the combined firms. The combined firms will have over 300 employees.